The North West’s Engineering Experts

Good engineering is the foundation of all successful construction and building projects. 

No matter what you’re working on, our expert engineering team can deliver the plans and designs you need for a high-quality end product.

Versatility & Reliability

With the ability to call on experienced engineers with a wide range of industry experience, we’re able to deliver top-notch results across a number of different engineering disciplines.

No matter what we’re working on, you can always rely on the fact that our thoroughness and attention to detail will provide the solid base that your project needs to succeed.

We can provide assistance with a range of different engineering applications including:

  • Civil, construction and structural engineering.
  • Designs for homes, buildings and renovations.
  • 3D modelling and 2D Drafting.

Why Choose Us As For Your Engineering Needs?

  1. Extensive industry knowledge and experience means that we’re able to avoid potential design problems before they cause you issues.
  2. We offer a high-quality engineering service at a very competitive rate.
  3. We’re flexible and adaptable - we’ll always find a way to get the job done to an extremely high standard regardless of what we’re working on.


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